About Pete Maclean

This business is the outlet for software created by Pete Maclean and associates. We have been in existence since 1983 and are currently headquartered near Charlottesville, Virginia in the USA.

This site has been present on the Web since 1994.

We are experts in the field of email and messaging with specializations in MAPI and Exchange, IMAP, email backup and archiving, and E-Discovery. We provide consulting services and develop custom products in addition to building and marketing our own products.

We supply some of the best software for migrating messages into and out of Outlook and Exchange, for managing and searching PSTs, for parsing email messages, and for building IMAP servers.

Mr. Maclean’s accomplishments include:

  • Licensing source code to Apple Computer, Borland, MCI, Microsoft and many other important industry names
  • Contributing to software used by General Motors, BMW, Fidelity Investments, Merrill Lynch, Zilog, and many other major organizations
  • Receiving a Product of the Year award from Teleconnect magazine
  • Serving as a founding and contributing editor to Network Computing magazine
  • Contributing to PC Magazine
  • Being a pioneer of the ARPAnet (the network that preceded the Internet)