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Upstart is exactly the tool we’d been looking for to streamline our forensics and recovery processes. Thanks Pete!

Dan Hitchcock, Principal Security Architect, Microsoft

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Upstart is a utility for tracking and managing PSTs. It can find all PSTs on a workstation (including network drives), list them, and copy or move them to a central location. It converts PSTs from ANSI to Unicode format. It merges PSTs (with optional de-duping) and splits them (by size, date or item class). It extracts selected items from PSTs (for archiving, forensic and other purposes) saving them either to PSTs or to MSGs.

Key features
  • Finds and lists all PSTs in a directory, directory tree, volume or across an entire system. Generates XML lists of PSTs with configurable fields for import into Excel, etc.
  • Copies or moves PSTs from users' PCs to a central location.
  • Can be pushed to workstations (using, for example, PSExec) or run remotely using telnet to centralize PSTs or to do conversions and merges with no user interaction.
  • Combines any number of PSTs into one -- in a single operation. Can merge PSTs at the root level or put each PST into its own folder tree.
  • Supports deduplication during the merge process. This allows you, for example, to consolidate multiple overlapping archives.
  • Can merge all the PSTs on a drive with one command. Great for PSTs on file servers! (Applies to Site and Enterprise editions only)
  • Performs ANSI-to-Unicode conversions in place.
  • Supports bulk conversions. Save loads of time by converting dozens of ANSI PSTs to Unicode in one shot.
  • Splits PSTs by size, by date (year, quarter or month), and by item class (email/Contact/appointment/task/etc.)
  • Extracts items by class (email, contact, todo, etc) and date for archiving, forensic and other purposes. For example, it can extract all the contacts from all the PSTs on a system and save them into a single new PST.
  • Handles all types of item: messages, Contacts, appointments, tasks, forms and views. (Outlook rules are a special case. Upstart handles rules in conversions with no problem but is not able to combine rules when merging PSTs.)
  • Mines PSTs to extract every unique email address that messages have been sent to or received from.
  • Guaranteed free from adware, snoopware, and all things nasty.
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  • For converting, merging, splitting and extracting data from PSTs, Upstart must be run on a system with Microsoft® Outlook installed. Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 are all supported in both 32- and 64-bit versions. (Outlook is not needed for finding and centralizing PSTs.)
User Guide

To learn more about Upstart, please read the product's User Guide online.


The Upstart package includes both a full-featured GUI program and a command-line utility; each does the same job so you can use whichever you find more convenient. All packages include both 32- and 64-bit versions. A single-user license costs US$45. A site license is US$450 and an enterprise license US$950. Read details on our Upstart sales page.

For further information and other sales matters please contact us directly by email or using our contact form.

What Upstart looks like

Take a look at the main window of the GUI version of Upstart by clicking on the image on the bottom right of this page.

The console version of Upstart supports the following commands: ConvertToUnicode, Merge, ListPSTs, OutlookProfiles (lists the Outlook profiles that a given PST is configured into), SetPasswords, Split and RemovePasswords.

Use Cases

Please read our list of use cases for Upstart.