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DXL-MSG facilitates the conversion of emails, contacts and other items from HCL/IBM/Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft Outlook both for migration purposes and for use with E-Discovery and forensic tools that work with MSGs and/or EMLs.

DXL-MSG converts emails, contacts, appointments, phone messages, tasks and other items stored on DXL files to MSG files and, optionally, EML files. It can convert millions of DXLs in a single run. The product is provided in two forms: One is a Windows console program that can be run from the command line, or called from batch and cmd files, from scripts and using remote launchers such as PSExec. The other form is a set of APIs: The managed API can be invoked from C# or any managed language. The unmanaged API can be called from native C++ or LotusScript.

DXL-MSG is intended for use by system administrators, migration experts, forensic engineers and E-Discovery workers.

Key features

  • Converts emails, contacts, etcetera from DXL to Unicode MSGs.
  • Optionally converts from DXLs to EMLs for migration into other mail systems as well as forensic products that ingest SMTP/Internet format messages.
  • Provides complete, thread-safe APIs, both managed and unmanaged, as well as the standalone conversion program.
  • Converts Lotus richtext and Composite Data to both HTML and plain text.
  • Converts all fields/properties that are common to the relevant formats.
  • Converts all message types and parts including plain text, rich text, attachments, embedded images, embedded messages, read receipts and delivery reports.
  • Supports custom mappings from DXL items to MAPI properties.
  • Can perform batch conversions of any number of DXL files in one shot.
  • No installation needed -- just download and run.
  • Customized versions are available (at extra cost).
  • Writes log files detailing all operations that it performs.


DXL-MSG must be run on a Windows system with both Microsoft Outlook and either the Notes client or Domino server installed. Specifically:

  • Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 (32- or 64-bit).
  • A 32-bit Notes client version 6.5 or later or Domino server.

Try it!

Please try our demo/evaluation package. This version of the product is fully functional except that it converts random digits in message text to hash characters (#). Alternatively send us a sample of up to a dozen DXLs and we will convert them for you and send you back the MSGs (and EMLs if requested). You may also learn more about DXL-MSG by reading the DXL-MSG User Guide online.

How to buy

Please use the Buy now button on the top-right of this page to purchase a license online using a credit/debit card or PayPal securely via NorthStar Solutions.


We have several OEM partners who, using our APIs, bundle DXL-MSG into their own products. We welcome enquiries from other interested parties who may wish to do likewise.


If you have any questions about this product please email us or use our contact form.

We have been building import, export, migration and E-Discovery tools for Notes, Outlook and Exchange since 1997. Please contact us if we can build a custom one for you.