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Maclean MMAPI


This page features a set of frequently asked questions about Maclean MAPI. If you arrived at this page from outside our Web site you might like to go to the product’s home page to get an idea of what it’s all about.

Does MMAPI import and export all classes of item or just email messages?

MMAPI does a complete and thorough job only of handling emails. It can also export Contacts and appointments. We are working to enhance MMAPI to do a complete job of handling tasks, documents and other non-email items.

If I use MMAPI to export a message from Exchange to RFC form and then import it again, will it be identical to the original?

No. Not everything in an Exchange or Outlook message can be fitted into an Internet/RFC message which makes this impossible. If you need to re-create messages in form identical to the originals, we recommend exporting them in both RFC format and in Outlook MSG format; the latter can then be used to create new copies in PSTs or Exchange.

Why would I want MMAPI when I can use Outlook’s IConverterSession to import and export messages?

You may not – for some purposes, IConverterSession is entirely adequate. MMAPI however gives you many more options and provides a much higher fidelity of conversion especially of things such as delivery and non-delivery reports, and messages with foreign character sets.

Also MMAPI guarantees that every time it exports a message, the result will be identical. IConverterSession may create a slightly different version each time. (This is because it generates a unique MIME boundary every time.) For purposes where legal concerns reign, MMAPI wins.

If you have a question about MMAPI that is not answered here, please email it to us. We will respond to you by email and add the question and answer to this FAQ if they promise to be of general interest.