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Maclean MAPI

MMAPI (Maclean MAPI) is a developer’s SDK designed for use in building applications for email analytics, archiving, backup, migration and E-Discovery in Microsoft Outlook and Exchange environments.

It has been integrated into E-Discovery products used by, among others, the US Department of Justice and Merrill Lynch. It is also used in backup products, archive services and project-management applications.

What is it used for?

MMAPI facilitates the extraction of data from and importation of data into:

  • Microsoft Outlook PST files (both ANSI and Unicode PSTs)
  • Other Outlook message stores
  • Microsoft Exchange mailstores (EDBs)
  • Outlook MSG files
How does it work?

MMAPI wraps over 4 megabytes of C++ source code around Microsoft’s MAPI effectively turning a powerful but very low-level API into a very rich, high-level API. Key features and benefits of the product are:

  • Works using Extended MAPI. This makes it much more efficient than CDO, OOM and other approaches. (One of our licensees chose MMAPI not for any functionality but purely because its performance was dramatically better than that of CDO which they had used previously.)
  • Is completely Unicode-capable. Can convert between all standard charsets and UCS-2 Unicode.
  • Supports access to absolutely any and all message properties.
  • Fully supports multi-threaded operation.
  • Can extract or store thousands of messages in a single shot.
  • Includes an optional logging system that can record all transactions and errors – or be hooked into a customer’s proprietary logging system.
  • Developed by a MAPI expert who has worked with MAPI since it was in beta.
  • Is entirely self-contained except for its reliance on MAPI. Requires either Outlook or Exchange (with Exchange MAPI) to be installed. (Does not require Outlook to be running, nor for CDO or anything else to be installed.)
Maclean MAPI includes functions for:
  • Creating, configuring and deleting profiles.
  • Enumerating Exchange Mailboxes.
  • Threading through all folders and messages in a store.
  • Extracting messages in RFC-2822/RFC-3461/MIME format or as .MSG files.
  • Importing messages from RFC-2822/RFC-3461/MIME format and .MSG files.
  • MIME Reader, MIME Writer.
  • Retrieving fields/properties in a variety of formats.
  • Searching PSTs and Exchange Mailboxes with complex boolean queries.
  • Creating, renaming and deleting folders.
  • Moving, copying and deleting messages.
  • Generating EDRM XML files for data interchange in E-Discovery.
  • ...and loads, loads more.

The MMAPI library is normally licensed with a customized API for the OEM's needs and priced accordingly.

And more...

We also have deep expertise in extracting messages from Notes/Domino and other mailstores.

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